1 full session*

5 full sessions*

15 full sessions

Endermologie body + face special


$650 (save $100)​

$1800 (save $450)​

Please ask us about pricing

1 session (face and neck)

1 session (face, neck and decolletage)

5 sessions (face and neck)*

5 sessions (face, neck and decolletage)*​



$500 (save $125)

$625 (save $125)

Single infusion

6 infusion course with take-home pack

Subsequent 5 infusions (ea)

Special infusions




Please ask us about pricing


24 hours notice for cancellation must be given to avoid being charged 50% of the treatment cost.


You  will not  be refunded on treatments not redeemed should you choose to cancel a course of treatments. You have the option of putting the remaining course on hold for a limited period of six months and you can redeem the treatments still outstanding at that time.


All prices include GST, payment options - Visa, MasterCard, Eftpos


*Bodystocking and personal facial flaps not included (a new set can be purchased for $45)